Dhol Players


Need the right Pose?


Fed Up with Uncle & Aunties acting like the Paparazzi?


Think its time to get your self a real photographer?


All the Photographers at Poison are well know in the industry in specialising in Wedding Photography.


Asian Weddings are a spectacular occasion and the role we hold in Photography is to capture the unique emotions and transform them in to relievable moments as they go through one of our beautifully crafted wedding albums.


Over the last few years Wedding photography has become an increasing demand, its one of the most important services you will ever book (in addition to the Djs / Videographary / Wedding Stages & Chocolate Fountains).


We at Poison are here to set a cutting edge standard to create stunning Wedding Photo’s that will delight your every need; using the best in Technology in Digital Photography, and producing unbelievable high quality prints that are carried out in our laboratories.


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