About Poison DJs

About Poison DJ's

Over the last Decade, Poison DJ’s have been the most desirable Roadshow on the market. Established since 1996, we have conquered various club circuits, wedding scenes with our unique mixing style of Desi Bhangra with a touch of Western blends.

Over the last year we have been constantly, updating out Roadshow, to meet the demand of clients of today. There are no limits to what we will go to achieve in the next level of entertainment for your event.

Initially a hobby, DJ Shamz was someone who always has had natural ear and love for music.


When DJ Shamz received his first set of Technics 1210s (mixing decks) at the tender age of 17, it was quite evident that this young man had a natural gift for understanding beats, tempos and melodies.

With the addition of Bobby B and Funky Dholi Tee, “The Poison Crew” were born.

10 years on, the Poison DJs have gone from strength to strength with the same passion and drive they had from day 1. Poison DJs are one of the leading names in Asian entertainment and have also become a growing name in the Asian wedding industry.

With over a decade of experience we have come to understand exactly what our customers require.

With the wealth of experience we have, especially within the Asian / Desi entertainment industry, we are always in a position to keep abreast of latest trends within the industry.

Poison DJ’s provide the ultimate digital sound system, advanced computerised light show and visual effects to please the eye for every occasion.

With our high tech Roadshow we are able to handle all our clients on a 1 to 1 basis and provide an exceptional service. With the wealth of experience we have, we can handle any type of event, including those that are sought after and highly prestigious.